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Pietraroja Geopaleontological Park


When you walk through Titerno high valley you are amazed at its scenaries: you can see mountains with fault framed slopes which are placed Valleunder some esplanades, low structures as opposed to calcareous ones placed in an upper position, gorges which occur in a cyclically going up the streams (torrent like). That is the eastern edge of Matese mountain whose peaks: Miletto, Gallinola, Mutria show its large size. (1000kmq) Woods, lakes, animals and archaeological spots make it a historical-naturalistic environmental jewel. Its geopalaeontological features were the training (gymnasium) for a lot of researchers who made some villages very famous place names, as for Pietraroja where "roja" means "red" owing to the imbued iron oxide in its calcareous stones, which has been known all over the world for two hundreds years owing to its fossils.

M. Moncharmont, teacher of paleontology, dean at the University of Naples Federico II, in 1960, had the ingenius idea to discover a fossil layer out of "The cavere" spot since from the researches by Prof. Geremia D’Erasmo on the area, in the years 1914-1915, scholars were not able to find important fossil finds. In the seventies several searching session were organized by the University of Geology and Palaeontology also with Geopalaeontological campaigns in order to study the eastern side of Matese mountain and particularly Pietraroja area. Afterwards, in October 1982, just in the area of the present park, an excavation campaign was made by the Palaeontological Institute and Museum of Naples University together with Natural History Museum of Turin; at that time a lot of fossil finds were found (20 boxes).

panoramaAfter those discoveries M. Massarelli (geologist) suggested the possibility to make a park in order to allow, on one hand the scholars to examine closely, by means of further researches and studies, the knowledge about fossils and Apennine range evolution, on the other hand inducing primary and secondary school students and even all common people to the love for nature.

Guided routes with a show of finds, casts and pictures inscriptions to be understood easily by everyone, were provided for its actual achievement.

Nowadays the park is just at starting stage but we hope that it will come true in the future, like Spielberg one since the most important exemplary of it is just a dinosaurus. History showed that Pietraroja fossils are "primus inter pares", denying, partially, Breislak’s results in 1798.


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